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May 02 2014

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April 25 2014

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Several things I need to and will be doing with my life

I need to spend ore time with my niece, getting to know her, growing her up to be a smart well read beautiful young lady. Getting her to love herself. Getting her to appreciate and know her full potential. I really can't see her waste opportunities. Carry her the library often. Have her be an avid reader. Let her know about her history. Let her join an extra curricular activity. I feel as if she's emotionally raising herself..I feel bad for only now noticing...guess I do think about myself too much sometimes...God help me with this.

I want to inspire others to follow their dreams, reach their full potential. I also want to follow my dreams and reach my full potential. Continue to grow, continue to aspire to greatness. I will be a world famous actress some day. People will know me, my name, my story, be inspired. I'll own businesses, I'll be a mogul. A good example for people to follow. I want to ell stories through my art. I want to be more confident. I want to be fierce, seductive, enigmatic. 

For my short term goals right now however. I want a role in play the mas which I plan to get. I will get all ones in CAPE. I will score high on my SAT's. I will get accepted into Howard University among all the other schools I apply to. I will attend and graduate from Trinidad Theatre Workshop as well as a broadcasting course I plan to take. I will become more sociable and lose 20 pounds. I plan to take the world by storm. People will hear this name so much because of great achievements of course, that I no longer have to introduce myself when I enter a room. I will be that woman. I have alot in store for my life. I pray and have confidence that they will all happen for me.


March 08 2014

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February 24 2014

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February 23 2014

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